July 2012 Sketches

Holy!  I can’t believe that I did only three sketches this month!  I am sure that I’ve misplaced a sketchbook somewhere.

I have been carrying my sketch pad in the pouch of my briefcase but it is just not as discreet as my jacket pocket that I was using before.  Now I have to dig through everything  to find my book and pen.

I have seen many things worthy of pen and ink on my subway adventures this past month and now looking back it is really too bad I didn’t have the clothes to quick draw from.

One day I noticed someone passed out with pants that where completely wet.  Since it was such a hot day I reasoned that it was sweat.  After watching him for a while he started flopping out of his seat slightly.

I wondered what to do.  My stop was coming up.  I looked around and others kind of looked at the guy and then back at me.  I guess I had to do something, I didn’t want to have him lying there flopping to the floor (It was one hot day!) heat exposure can leave you with considerable brain damage among other things.

I walked over to him and said “Hey!”  I asked “Hey, are you alright!?”

No response.

Then I shouted “Hello!?”

No response.

Was I going to have to press the yellow strip (an emergency button on the train that would initiate the breaks and summon help)?  Was this incident Yellow strip worthy?  Once someone pushed the yellow strip on the train I was on to let the driver know the door was out of commission and he got a harsh talking to from the driver.

“Ah!” I said.  A TTC guy was on the car.  I walked up to him and said “Hey man, I think that guy over there is pretty messed up.”

He said he would deal with it and I got off the train because at that point we were at my stop.  While I walked up to the streetcar I heard an announcement that they stopped the train one stop ahead of mine and sent an emergency crew.  I hope the guy’s ok.



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