June 2012 Sketches

This month it really started to get hot and so my usual practice of keeping my sketchbook in my jacket was impeded.  Without the book in my upper pocket it’s a lot more challenging to handle “quick draw” situations.

This month I joined a local meet-up group that sketches around the city http://www.meetup.com/Sketching-around-the-city/ .  It has been fun hanging out with all of the members and they have helped me realize that there is a lot to draw around the city!  In the gallery the first sketch you’ll see is a of the statue of Edward the 7th in Queen’s park I did with them.

Rod from the group also suggested that I check out a site because the artist frequently does sketches of people on public transit: http://sketchoftheday.blogspot.ca/

As well as joining this group, I joined a word press meet up group http://meetup.wptoronto.com/ and am happy with all I have learned there and the people I’ve met.

The last sketch in the subway drawings this month revolves around the funny situation of me drawing someone drawing others.  I think she was drawing the person sitting next to me and then when she realized that I was drawing her it was a really weird.  It was a bit like in back to the future where Marty McFly couldn’t get too close to himself or he’d risk the space time continuum exploding or something.  It was weird. Before I could talk I realized it was my stop and I had to go and she had this shocked expression on her face sort of, an expression of understanding and also a curiosity as to how to proceeded socially.

Rob Dales
Sketches on Rails


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