“Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day, for no matter how little it is, it will be well worth while, and it will do you a world of good.” -Cennino Cennini

This is a blog to record my drawing work and particularly the sketches that I do on the subway.  I’m a contemporary artist who uses figure drawing to capture the experience of being on the subway.

I try and do these sketches everyday to and from work so there should be updates every month.

Doing this kind of work is fun for me, there is so much challenge involved; the rhythm of the moving train, the movement of the people you are trying to draw and the social taboo of staring really makes each great drawing captured on transit feel especially precious.

Hopefully through making this site I will be able to communicate and come to know other people working on art in public transit.  I feel that doing this blog might also give me some credibility if ever anyone complains that I am drawing them, or perhaps it will increase my courage to ask a complete stranger if I could draw them again sometime.

At any rate I have started to accumulate quite a few drawings that I like and I would like to be able to see them more easily than having them in sketch books and hidden away in my files.

If you are just visiting this site I hope you like my drawings as much as I have enjoyed making them!

If you are returning, I hope that I am keeping things fresh enough for you.

Perhaps someday we will meet in transit- it could happen!

Rob Dales
Sketches on Rails

contemporary artist who uses figure drawing